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College Testing --
SAT -- ACT -- AP Preparation

SAT and ACT tests are an essential part of the College application.  Certainly not the only part, but an inescapable 'line in the sand' that admissions officers use for evaluation.  An in-depth program that includes both subject review and practical advice can benefit even the best student. Our program is effective because it is well designed for success -- and -- because it is taught by EXPERTS.
Personalized Program
  • Detailed analysis of review and practice needs
    • We begin with a topic-by-topic diagnostic to target specific topics for review and reinforcement
    • The teacher, the student and the parents review the results
  • Regular practice testing to gauge progress
    • Not waiting for the official test, every student takes full practice tests during preparation both to evaluate progress and to build the academic endurance needed on test day
SAT Subject Tests and AP Test Preparation
  • Individual preparation that begins with diagnostic
  • In-Depth preparation course
Proven Curriculum
  • Every class adapts to each student
    • Even with standard curriculum the teacher can reinforce and practice specific skills with each student as their progress indicates
    • The perfect blending of class instruction with private tutoring
  • 5+ years of student success
    • We know how to increase your SAT and ACT scores, simple as that
Our Experts
   Every Teacher-
  • Graduated from one of the country's finest colleges
  • Scored HIGH on the tests and  knows HOW TO TEACH our curriculum

College Competition --
Better GPA -- Grade Recovery

--- a  "D" changed to a "B" increases GPA by .17 points or more ---
The second defining statistic after SAT or ACT score on a college application is the GPA.  The 'best' thing is to do well in each class each year of High School.  All too often that is not the case.  If the student is prepared to work, the GPA can be repaired.

Retake the class - let us help you get enrolled if necessary

  • Summer school
  • Community College
  • Independent Study
Tutoring [topic shadow teaching] helps assure success
  • The class was difficult enough in the regular semester to need support
  • Nearly all the re-take options are in compressed timeframe - don't get behind!
  • Independent Study especially requires a tutor to monitor and motivate along with instructing more difficult topics

College Readiness --
Tutoring for the STRONG Student

Regular sessions can...
  • Assure class success
  • Raise test scores on SAT Reasoning, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP Tests
  • Sustain focus through the year
  • Provide guidance with college search
  • Perfect each college application submitted
  • Get YOU ready to do college level work