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  • Topic re-Teaching
  • Shadow Classes
  • Homework Support


  • Plan
  • Research
  • Write
  • Proof
  • Edit


  • Aptitude/Interest Evaluation
  • Activity Planning
  • Summer Projects
  • College/Major Research

Tutoring can change High School for the BETTER!

A tutor is a teacher, a coach, a mentor, a motivator and a grown-up friend.
Schedule regular tutoring sessions from the very first weeks of each semester right through to final exams.  Every single week counts!
Shadow classes are individual or small-group sessions that are keyed exactly to the syllabus of a particular school and class.  The tutor re-teaches concepts, answers questions, facilitates homework and helps every student complete projects and prepare for tests.
ALL too many class grades are reduced because the student stumbled on a major project.  You can rely on a tutor to help plan and monitor progress on a research paper or project.   
High School Tutoring - SAT Help - ACT Course - AP Review

Our tutors have...

  •  Teaching Certifications 
  • Advanced Degrees 
  • Years of Experience 
It is as much art as science to find exactly the right match between student and tutor.  Even the greatest student and the best tutor are not always a great team.  That is why our first session is ALWAYS free.  Overlook Tutorial Academy flourishes only when we give good service each and every time.