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Tutoring - Core Classes - Certified Teachersfor Younger Students

Skills Development

  • Lots of Practice
  • Zero Stress


  • STOP Fighting over homework
  • Tutor can help schoolwork be done HAPPILY

Tutors who make FRIENDS

Programs for our younger students matter SO MUCH to us here at Overlook Tutorial Academy.  These scholars are ready and eager to learn. Along with that they are wonderfully vulnerable and often left unsure of themselves when faced with the hustle and bustle of the regular classroom.
Our tutors care - first and foremost.  Yes, of course, they are certificated teachers and tutors with years of experience, but that is secondary to a real love of learning and working with children.
We focus first on all that our students CAN do and then add to that in every single session. 
Learning IS fun - that is what our students tell us all the time.
 Teach - Practice together - Practice alone - Check learning