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What can help you do your job better?  Need to understand Accounting and Finance?  Statistics? Writing?  We have tutors from top 50 colleges who can work on exactly what YOU need - online or right at your desk.
Software skills slowing you down?  Online tutoring is perfect - you learn on your own system while watching what the tutor is doing on your screen.  Fast, efficient! 
Maximizing the effectiveness of your Web Marketing is a complex project with separate yet overlapping parts.  Tutoring can break it down into understandable tasks for you to carry out!  Meetings are short, tight-focused time with a tutor who has learned from experience not just what it takes but how to EXPLAIN what it takes!  You can meet as often as you like, for as little as 15 minutes at a time, on a schedule that doesn't interfere with your busy day.  At the end of each meeting you will be ready to take your next step.  Schedule another meeting when you are ready to review the ACTUAL progress of YOUR PROJECT and then move on to the next step.

Here is a partial breakdown of the tutoring plan-

·         Your web site itself

o   Design/layout

o   Search Engine Message

o   Analysis of page ranking

·         Your presence outside the site

o   Business listings

o   Social networks

o   Links

·         Using your Expertise

o   Blog

o   Publish

o   Broadcast

·         Link and interact

o   Messages across networks

o   Ads

o   Deals

o   Newsletters

o   Conversations

o   Encourage clients to find more clients

Ultimately, since your available time drives the schedule, YOU control the costs.  Our online meetings cost you only $20 per 15 minutes [even if more than one person from your business joins in]. 

 If you decide it is best for your business to subcontract any of the work,  we will be honored to quote that separately.